Name: Shiro Dollahardae
Age: 89 Species: kitsune (Japanese fox daemon)
Profession: scout/spy for Dae'angel Family: Jessica

Born in Japan, Shiro came to Europe to escape a cruel dog demon in the east. After the loss of another family, Shiro and his sister Jessica ended up in the care of Allura and the Dae'angel. He mainly does scouting work since he specializes in illusions rather than physical combat.

Likes: rabbit stew, playing with his sister, studying
Dislikes: most girls, being a pretty boy, death threats
Age: unknown Species: unknown
Profession: peasent Family: unknown

Once a peasant in the french countryside, she now lives in the province of Nice in the south-east of France. She works mostly as a farmer, but seems to have earned a nasty reputation in the near by village. Villagers claim that she is a witch with a familiar but are too afraid to run her out of town.

Likes: rabbit stew, being left alone, working on her farm
Dislikes: most people and especially strangers
Name: Allura Dollahardae
Age: really, really old Species: wolf dae'angel
Profession: Head of the Dae'angel Family: too many to list

Daughter of the powerful Seiko, Allura helped form the Organization of Dae'angel and is it's 5th leader. She has given a home to many humans, daemons, dae'angel, and half-daemons over the years. Each one has become a valuable member of her organization and a powerful warrior. Allura herself often spends her time going between high courts and has been a lady in waiting for many queens over her long life. She loves being the center of attention. Her current job, however, focuses on her newest student, Jessica.

Likes: reading, socializing in the coursts
Dislikes: repeating history, being disliked, being ignored
Name: Jessica Dollahardae
Age: 57 Species: dog dae'angel
Profession: child/student Family: Shiro

Though she was born in Japan, she has no memories of it. She came to Europe with Shiro. When she lost the only family she ever knew, save for her brother Shiro, her powers started showing and she was taken in by Allura. Now she focuses on her studies, having a good time, and trying to be like Allura. She is rarely seen far from Allura, except when she is bothering her brother.

Likes: reading, playing in the gardens, being nosey
Dislikes: being ignored, the cold, having to sit still and be quiet